About Julie


I’m Julie Duffy Dillon, MS, RDN, NCC, LDN, CEDRD-S, a Registered Dietitian, Eating Disorder Specialist, and Food Behavior Expert partnering with people on their Food Peace Journey. I help fight diet culture through my writing, courses, podcast and private nutrition practice, and by mentoring dietitians and health care workers on weight inclusive practices. My speaking and media appearances include the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, the EDRDPro Symposium, and as the featured expert dietitian on TLC's documentary My Big Fat Fabulous Life.


How I Got Here

My world is divided in two: before and after the cry. It was a big, ugly breakdown in my boss’s office right before I quit.

 My job at the time combined counseling clients with eating disorders for part of the day and then turning around and teaching higher-weight people how to diet.  

 The problem was, I couldn’t do it and live with myself anymore. That day, I got three minutes into a body image class for a big-name weight loss program when the dissonance of what I was doing hit me full on. Words would no longer come out of my mouth, so I stopped.

 This was the day that changed my life. I had never seen a diet that worked for long. I had seen plenty that hurt people. I finally owned that all the work we were doing to help people become healthy and happy was just making them sick and ashamed.


When someone was caught in the dieting trap with an eating disorder, we compassionately helped them recover. If someone was fat and struggling, we told them to try harder. Their own shame and disordered eating came from the same diet culture, yet no one addressed it. I couldn’t be a part of that anymore.

 Between sobs, I told my boss I wouldn’t teach another dieting class. When she said I had to wear all the hats to have this job, I quit.

 That was the day the Food Peace Journey was born. I made it my mission to offer effective non-diet practices that promote healthy habits and heal body image.

 I’ve held to my word. Not only have I never recommended another diet, but every day I fight the culture of profiteering, discrimination and misinformation that perpetuates them.

 I was afraid my choice would be the end of my career. Turns out, it was the beginning.


My Food Peace Mission

I am committed to promoting health without the pursuit of weight loss. For the last 20 years I have been helping people just like you heal their relationship with food. As an eating disorder expert, I have worked with all types of eating disorders and partnered with my clients as they walked their path to Food Peace.


Our Work Together

Our sessions are a special space free of body judgment and food policing. You have unconditional permission to eat what is pleasurable in your present body no matter what the size. Instead of the scale, we let your mood, lab values, and quality of life let us know if we’re making progress as you heal on your own terms.

 I want our space to be safe. I aim to be an ally to LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals and to people of all faiths, ethnicities, documentation status, abilities, races, and genders. I continually seek to understand and reduce harm from my privileges as a white, married, straight, small-sized, able-bodied, cis-gender female who was raised as a Christian.

I would love to be your partner on your Food Peace Journey.

Whether you’re a course member, reader or listener, I want to support you wherever you are on your path to Food Peace. If you’d like to go further, please contact me, or learn more through my blog and Love Food Podcast. You can find more about my speaking and self-guided courses here.