Different Ways to Access Food Peace Resources

Julie Dillon

Different Ways to Access Food Peace Resources

Do you want to buy the PCOS + Food Peace course yet cannot afford it? I hope this post outlines different options for you moving forward. The course price has allowed these options to be possible.

Payment Plans

There is an option to pay for the course over 3 payments or one time per month for a year. Currently there is only a 10% surcharge to spread out the payments over a year. As I become more efficient with processing and keeping track, I hope to bring that surcharge down more.

Flex Spending/HSA/FSA

I use Stripe or PayPal to run payments and other course members have successfully processed their payment with their flex spending HSA or FSA credit cards. A big but though is that it could still be rejected on your HSAs/FSAs end. Others have been able to pay for the course this way yet I always encourage people to get the ok from their HSA/FSA company first to be sure they are not hit with having to pay a fine or whatever penalty yours has. No one has told me their HSA/FSA was rejected after the fact yet that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened of course.


For every 10 courses purchased, we provide at least one course to a person with PCOS wanting non-diet education and experiencing financial hardship. BIPOC and people with other marginalized characteristics will be prioritized for the scholarship spots. You can apply here.

Blog posts

Over the last 20 years I have written extensively on non-diet ways to live with PCOS. Click here to get started.

The Love Food Podcast

Get audio education and support from me for free every week via my podcast Love Food. There are over 230 episodes! I often weave PCOS into the episodes. You can listen wherever you listen to podcasts or here.

PCOS Body Liberation Support Community

Laura Burns and I started this support community in 2020. It is an inclusive PCOS community designed to promote friendships that aren’t rooted in diet culture, body shaming, and negativity. While this community is not the same as my course, it provides twice monthly Food Peace lessons, twice monthly yoga classes, and a place to find support. We intentionally kept the price low at $20 per month. Learn more about the community here.

PCOS Body Liberation Community Monthly Giveaway

Every month we give away a lifetime membership to one winner. We prioritize BIPOC, trans, and non-binary folks for this. The giveaway is posted on our Instagram page @PCOSBodyLiberation on the first of every month.

PCOS Body Liberation Community Accessibility Fund

The PCOS Body Liberation Community Accessibility Fund is provided by donations from our community members and matched by the PCOS Body Liberation founders. Here is the wait-list form. Access is first come, first serve. As funds become available, we extend membership to the next in line. Membership is lifetime access.

HAES + PCOS Facebook Communities

While I am not associated with these communities, many others have highly recommended them and they are free:

Body Love Experiment group for those with chronic illness

PCOS Health at Every Size group


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