Confessions of a Dietitian

Many of my esteemed nutrition colleagues stamp the food police approval on calorie free food. There appears to be a group consensus among many that choosing the lowest calorie choice is ALWAYS the best choice. Further, this group effect tends to bring out a feeling of moral failure when one does not choose the lowest calorie choice.

I don’t know what god they are worshiping yet my God invented food to keep us alive AND taste good. I believe food, real food, is better than these totally manipulated and perverse human inventions poorly described as food.

Today I am proud to admit my vow to NOT eat diet food. Further, I admit to eating the following foods that may get my nutrition practicing license revoked:

1. Whole milk
2. Butter
3. When I want a soda, I only drink regular NOT diet.
4. When I want French fries, I get them…even when surrounded by a table of dietitians.
5. When I want something sweet or salty, I choose the real thing instead of 100 calorie packs.

Those who do not know me may be wondering if I am able to fit through door ways. I have maintained a BMI of 20 for about 10 years. Respecting hunger and satiety cues allows me to consume what my body is suggesting while maintaining the weight my body desires for homeostasis.

I wonder what would happen if more trusted their bodies and ate what their body needed instead of trying to trick it with manipulated fake food.

I encourage you to eat real food that is less processed and less manipulated. Respect hunger and satiety and your body will love you back.