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We know diets don’t work yet sometimes get stumped with PCOS.

Grab my hand and I can show you the ropes.

Diets hurt PCOS and HAES approaches offer a mighty lifeline.

Check out my free PCOS and Eating Disorders training:

3 Things to Not Miss During Your PCOS Client Assessment


I have one more thing for Fat Positive Dietitians and Providers!

Just because I want you to have the tools you need to help clients move away from diets, I am adding another freebie.

Do you know one of the biggest complaints from my PCOS clients??

So many ask, what do I DO about those intense carbs cravings!?!

Instead of tricking the body to ignore them, I encourage people to lean in and consider what information the cravings could be giving about unmet needs.

I use this special handout to guide the way.

Click here to get your copy now.


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