Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there. Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Due to the high volume of emails and my never ending search for adequate self-care I am unable to answer all of the emails sent my way. I appreciate wanting answers ASAP so I have compiled answers to my most frequently asked questions. I hope it helps clarify and give you direction.

You are looking for direction on your Food Peace journey, medical condition, food behaviors, or anything else.

I would love to help and can’t offer insight unless you are a client. I am no longer seeing clients. If you are local to me, consider finding another provider by clicking here.

If you are interested in taking a deep dive into help your relationship with food while affected by PCOS, consider the PCOS and Food Peace course. Details here.

Consider incorporating your question into a Dear Food letter for an upcoming Love Food Podcast episode. Send your Dear Food letter to

You are wanting to pick my brain, get career advice, need business direction, need help with a client, or another consulting inquiry.

Wow, it means a lot that you are looking to me for direction! I would love to share my lived experiences growing a HAES informed business, podcast, and private practice. I also would love to help you with your clients through clinical supervision. Fees are $200 per hour and you can book a spot by contacting my admin at 336.273.2808 or

If you are wanting a deep dive into how to help those with PCOS to heal their relationship with food and their body while promoting health, I have a course for you! Check out my RDN PCOS and Food Peace Course here.

You are wondering if I am taking new supervision clients.

Yes I am! I am an IAEDP approved supervisor and only use weight inclusive trauma informed practices. Here is more information on what supervision with me looks like and pricing. Please email my admin Tabatha to set up this relationship.

You would like to hire me to speak at an upcoming event.

Sounds fun and I would love to learn more. I tend to book speaking engagements 6 months to 9 months in advance. Connect with my admin to check availability and fees at 336.273.2808 or

You are interested in being a guest on the Love Food Podcast.

Podcasting is fun and my favorite part is connecting with fellow body positive warriors. I hand select those who are guests and have spots lined up months in advance. Please know that Love Food never has guest experts that help promote weight loss, pills, powders, oils, dieting, food restriction or lifestyle changes that are diets in disguise. Just because you say you believe in body positivity or Intuitive Eating isn’t enough. If you are a weight inclusive Health at Every Size practitioner please know I will get back to you to schedule if an opening arises. I look forward to the connection!

You have feedback about the Love Food Podcast.

Please know you have made my day! Whether positive or constructive criticism, your support helps the podcast grow and reach more people. Thank you!

You have a cool new project, book, podcast, course, etc that you’d like me to promote.

I love seeing more ways to opt out of diet culture! Please know I support your endeavors yet not able to promote your work at this time.

If these FAQs covers your question to me, consider this your response please. If not, me or my admin will get back to you as soon as we are able.