Food Addiction

Julie Dillon

As a diverse nation many issues divide us. Consider these emotionally charged topics:

  • abortion
  • death penalty
  • affirmative action
  • fruit as dessert (in my opinion, those believing fruit and chocolate provide equal satisfaction are from another planet).
A new issue has divided us especially in the disordered eating field: is food addicting? I have found myself on both sides of the fence. Today I consider food to not be of the addicting quality although it may feel like addiction.  Colleague Evelyn Tribole RD and co-author of Intuitive Eating has a clear and scientific proposal that sums up my views.
Whether or not food is scientifically addicting, healing one’s relationship with food is hard work. And, it is good important work. I hope you have the support you need during the arduous and rewarding journey.

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