Food experiences gone astray

Julie Dillon

I am ready to let the virtual world know about my pregnancy. I am happy to exclaim that I am 14 weeks along and so excited for this baby. I am not excited about one thing lately: food. Food aversions and constant nausea have led me to experience food in a completely new and different way. I don’t think I like this way.

I appreciate my body’s signals telling me I need food. I have found these signals to be drastically different from non pregnant hunger. I go from full and nauseous to panic hungry/borderline blacking out nauseous. Every hour or two, my body sends this alarm and I take warning. Happens even at night while I am sleeping. I will dream about ordering room service or sorting through options in a pantry. Maybe my brain thinks I need a suggestion as to why I am feeling so dizzy while half asleep?

Here’s a compilation of foods I have found I need to keep at my bed side, in my purse, or on my side table at work:

Black licorice
Sunchips (original only)
Brie (no worries listeria-fearing folks, only pasteurized consumed)
Cape Cod potato chips
Taco Bell Nachos Supreme (no meat)
Sour Patch Kids candy
Cinnamon Raisin mini bagels
Soy milk (original flavor only)
Smooth peanut butter
very salty French fries with LOTS of ketchup

These craved foods are funny to me because I would abhor most in my non pregnant state. For example, I am a die hard mayo fan and usually can’t even smell ketchup. I have gone through 3 bottles of Heinz at my house already. I am resigned to trusting my body’s cues and enjoy the new tastes.

As the first trimester comes to a close, I wonder if I will want a protein again. I also hope that the nausea lifts soon so I can resume my exploration of food relationships. I will raise my glass of soy milk to that one. Cheers!

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