Food Experiment: Chia Seeds

Julie Dillon

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Food Experiment: Chia Seeds

I love trying new foods and dietitian job perks include being able to learn about new nosh-able foods. I am on the look out for high omega 3 foods to suggest to my clients affected by PCOS. Adding more omega 3s can help decrease inflammation and help heal the source of PCOS. As a strict rule, I only recommend foods I have tried AND taste good. Now you know why I don’t suggest kale.

Everything I used in this experiment.
Everything I used in this experiment.

I have heard about chia seeds for decades. First, as the perfect Christmas gift (Ch-Ch-Chia!). A few years back I noticed them instead sprinkled on salads or added to restaurant chicken breading. I can’t say I liked them though because I didn’t experience them…I couldn’t really taste them. They were just kind of there and annoyed me later when flossing my teeth.

I recently learned about soaking the chia seeds to make a tapioca pudding like consistency. I was intrigued and decided that was going to be my food experiment this week. Here’s what I did:

1/4 cup chia seeds mixed with 1 cup milk

I stirred it and placed in the fridge. I am not known for my patience and checked about 5 minutes later. I noticed it needed a good stirring again to help the chia seeds STAY PUT and not settle.

After about an hour I checked and what a difference! The mixture was now more like a lumpy gel. I appreciate this doesn’t sound too appealing yet when I tried it, I found it to be pleasant. It was a warm spring day, warmest one yet, and the cool texture was comfortable.

The chia seeds were completely neutral tasting and I knew in order to enjoy this food I needed to add something. I wanted blueberries yet when I reached in the fridge I realize we had nada a blueberry. Darn kids and their blueberry obsession! I had to settle on strawberries. I sliced them up and drizzled a bit of honey and stirred them into the chia pudding.

Chia Seeds: let me know if your experiment is favorable or not.
Chia Seeds: let me know if your experiment is favorable or not.

My taste rating: Yum! If you enjoy yogurt or cottage cheese, this would be a fun alternative. Chia seeds are a good source of protein, fiber, omega 3s, iron and calcium.

My satiety rating: Quenched and energized. I noticed about 15 minutes after eating the above mixture the food felt very satisfying in my stomach. I was more awake and energized. I will try them again to see if have this experience every time.

Future Experiments: Soaked chia seeds can be kept in a sealed container in the fridge for about a week. You could throw this mixture in a smoothie or add granola with the fruit. After this experiment, I made a mental note to have more soaked chia seeds during those hot summer months when I have to part the humidity as I walk. Will be refreshing and energizing while I am trying to tolerate the summer heat. Watch out, I get grumpy!



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