Food Peace Book Review ~ Savvy Girl: A Guide To Eating

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Food Peace Book Review ~ Savvy Girl: A Guide To Eating

Call in the reinforcements! I have items to add to your food journey arsenal. I will be reviewing books throughout 2015 that will aid in your healing food-ways. Some classics, others up-and-coming and all rock stars books featured. If you have a book that promotes neutral food dialogue and/or positive body image, I would love the chance to review it. Contact me at

Food Peace Challenge Book Review
Food Peace Challenge Book Review

Hello friends. My first 2015 diet free book review is via Savvy Girl Brittany Deal and dietitian Sumner Brooks. In a concise 100ish pages, you will find fresh and energizing dialogue to provoke your diet free journey. Even though I love nutrition science, I am not ashamed to admit it can be a dry subject. This book was a different experience: with its engaging graphics and sense of humor, I enjoyed reading this book.

Brittany Deal is the founder of lifestyle brand, Savvy Girl which includes quick to read books with the intent to expedite self-help.

She partnered with Sumner Brooks, an eating disorder specialist and dietitian, to help readers say good-bye to diets and unite with health. A stimulating anti-diet rationale reconnected me with the important subject of ghrelin, a naturally occurring appetite regulation hormone. Ghrelin is a part of hunger cues and will only subside with enough food. Reading about hormone regulation may appear to be intimidating yet Deal and Brooks find a way to break it down in easy to digest language. To give you a sneak peek, they let us know we can’t kid ourselves into just eating veggies and chicken breasts and expect to be satisfied. Ghrelin will only subside once the body is adequately nourished. Understanding ghrelin allows us to know that binge eating is predictable in response to undereating. This means when you binge after dieting for a few weeks, you are responding to physiology not lacking in will power.

I appreciate this book’s practical options to work through abundant emotional eating and how to handle hangry moments. There’s also a cool food journal with a different hunger fullness scale many of you may find useful.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a fun and spunky take on the diet free journey. Despite its small size, Guide to Eating is full of ways to help you connect to a healthier relationship with food. You can find a link to the book here.

The #FoodPeaceChallenge gathers people and professionals rejecting diets. We want to make 2015 diet free! If you are new to the challenge, welcome and find the Manifesto here. Find community support using #FoodPeaceChallenge on Twitter or leave a message in comments.

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