Free Masterclass

Whenever you hear me say, “Grown ass women need to eat more than they think” know I learned that from Summer Innanen.

She was a guest on Love Food back on episode 87. You can listen here to hear all her wisdom.

When she asked me to be an affiliate for her new 2020 programs I said YES because her work aligns with the Food Peace Journey and she advocates for change–change in how we relate to our bodies, in how we nourish ourselves with food, and in how to survive in diet culture.

Check out my friend Summer Innanen’s FREE Body Acceptance Masterclass.

You will learn:

  •  Why we’re more likely to be harsh on our bodies and ourselves when we’re stuck at home – hint: it’s not your fault!
  • The 3 biggest mistakes people make when doing body acceptance work (and why they keep you stuck feeling bad about your body)
  • My 6-Part Framework for radically changing the way you feel about yourself and believing you are good enough regardless of your body size 
  • Why it is possible for YOU (yes, YOU) to accept your body and feel more confident in who you are

Learn more about Summer’s Masterclass (aff) here.