Fresh! Food Peace News is Ready for YOU May 10, 2016

Julie Dillon

Fresh! Food Peace News is Ready for YOU May 10, 2016


I remember my first panic attack. I was sitting at my RD exam (the first year it was computerized) and I was told the rumor that if I answered a question correctly, I would get a tougher question next. If I answered the question incorrectly, I would get an easier question. After I answered the first few questions, I started to process this. Especially after I knew an answer quickly.

My mind started racing, heart beat like a drum line, and I was paralyzed in every other way. My breathing was rapid yet it felt like I forgot how to breathe.

I was terrified and scared. I didn’t know that what I was feeling couldn’t hurt me yet I did everything I could to avoid another.

Of course, I did experience another (when I took the GRE exam which I can laugh at now!) yet I have found ways to live with a history of panic attacks and other anxiety. Have you ever experienced a panic attack? Or, other types of anxiety? Hit reply and let me know what the experience is like for you.

This week’s podcast episode discusses anxiety around certain foods. Food doesn’t deserve that much power! Listen now or scroll below for more info.

Be well this week friends!

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