Happy New Year!

Julie Dillon

January 1st is where motivation lives. Fire-blazing Facebook and Twitter resolutions hog the screen with a good portion from those selling diet products. Although common, New Year’s resolutions can be harmful when calorie-reducing diets are the prescription. Dieting is the strongest predictor for weight gain. I want to help protect you from this harm. And, my anti-diet militia is armed and ready for the fight.

As you get used to writing 2012 instead of 2011 (usually takes me until about May), I encourage you to consider how you experience certain foods and movement. Let your body decide your health promoting tools. And, yes, I think your body has this wisdom!

This time of year fuels my passion to protect those vulnerable to calorie restricting diets. My blog and I will be hanging out a lot of the next month. I hope it provides a safety beacon for those harmed by those diet ads.

Check out fellow anti-diet dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield discussing ways to promote health without dieting.

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