Healthy Eating includes Pleasure

Julie Dillon

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HEALTHY EATING includes pleasure

So you enjoyed that lunch. That killer sandwich on the perfect roll with a side of French fries. After a draining morning it has left you energized and satisfied. Can’t say that about many things yet can with food right now.

Before you scorn enjoying that meal and its emotional arousal, pause. A part of healthy eating includes pleasure. It also includes emotional eating and connections. Ellyn Satter RD, LCSW says, “When we take the joy out of eating, nutrition suffers.” One of my favorite dietitian quotes. When we hate what we are eating and just eat it because it is another should or it is clean or organic or low in the hated-macronutrient-of-the-moment, we are missing the point.

The point is our body needs to be satisfied with food. It needs a balance of fat and carbs. It needs sweet and salty. Soft and hard and chewy. Our bodies have evolved to survive on food based on getting pleasure needs met. Denying pleasure from eating sets us up to experience disordered eating including binges.

Want to experience healthy eating? Ask your body what it will enjoy right now. Ask it what would satisfy it. Then, give it what it wants. Listen with attunement and provide.

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