Love Food’s Favorite Things

Julie Dillon

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Love Food’s Favorite Things

It is a constant musical at my house since my kids love dancing and singing show tunes. “These are a few of my favorite things!” is winding its way through my head as I share with you Love Food’s Holiday Favorite Things. I hope they help you zap diets as their barrage starts this January.

  1. Why say it when your T-shirt can do it for you?!? You can shove that fad diet up your ass t-shirt could only be worn away from my kiddos although they know how I feel about diets: they promote harm not health. Turn up your anti-diet sass with this one from the Sarcastic Nutritionist. {{It has just come to my attention this shirt only goes to size XL and a small one at that. I hate that I missed this! Will do better next year picking a t-shirt that in more body inclusive.}}
  2. You’ve heard me say it 100 times: I just want you to feel at home in your own skin. My colleagues over at Be Nourished have a similar saying: Body Trust® is your birthright. Self acceptance is radical and political just like I mention in Love Food episode 99. That’s why we need to shout to the world: ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES! Say it with art with this beautiful Be Nourished and Jennifer Price Davis collaboration: Body Trust Angel®.
  3. My favorite gifts include giving back. Have you heard about PCOS? Well, 1 in 10 women experience PCOS yet it is greatly underfunded and under diagnosed. Sasha Ottey is a woman working to change that through PCOS Challenge, a nonprofit support organization globally advancing the cause for women and girls with PCOS. I got to meet up with Sasha, the founder and director of PCOS Challenge, at BEDA a few weeks ago and what a privilege! She fights for more research and meets with lawmakers ALL. THE. TIME. to improve PCOS diagnosis, treatment, and funding. And, she is body positive, weight inclusive, and non-diet. Consider giving to this amazing organization that is truly making a difference. Here is a pic of Sasha and me after my BEDA talk on PCOS, binge eating disorder, and weight stigma. Thank you Sasha for ALL you do for many!
  4. I encourage you to read magazines that help you feel nourished, fed, and empowered rather than catty, judged, or less than. Have you seen the magazine Flow? I was packing for a long flight this summer and wanted something to read. I appreciated that I would also be dividing my time convincing our kids to not yell “POOOOOP!” while kicking the seats in front of them. Instead of a book I found magazines that are meant to take a long time to read. Luckily, I also packed my noise cancelling head phones so I didn’t have to hear my kids and dove into this magazine. I am asking my partner to get a subscription for me this Christmas. Check it out and I think you will enjoy it too. Here’s a pic of the 2 Flow magazines I am STILL doting on. I have the smallest bed side table so it means a lot when something is chosen to be there. p.s. I made my bed in this pic so you think I do everyday 😂😜.
  5. When you are tired of constantly re-directing diet talk, throw this beauty on by Jai at her store Fat Mermaids. While the acronym may get lost on some, it will surely deliver its intended message to those who can decipher it. Do you know a Susan who needs this message? I do! I think this sweatshirt would look smashing tied preppy fashion around your neck over the Sarcastic Nutritionist T.

What are your favorite body liberating (my favorite term from Jes Baker!) and Food Peace™ promoting gifts to give?



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