I Feel the Power of the Pen!

Julie Dillon

I admit it. I am a junkie. I just cannot stop and I am not ashamed to finally admit: I am addicted to writing letters to the editor.

I feel passionate about healing food relationships as well as reconnecting the mind-body-food connections. I work tirelessly from my soul to help those who live life disconnected to their body’s accurate food fuel tracker. My clients spend many hours trying to undo their feed-like-dieting wired mind.

I think it is understandable then when I blow up after reading, seeing, or otherwise experiencing pro-diet ads including commercials, commentaries, and stories. Since I am limited to spread my message to those who voluntarily walk through my office door, I have found the power of the pen as a means to vent my disgruntled and anti-diet zealot message.

I feel overwhelmed at times by the saturated diet obsessed media. I probably write a letter to the editor to someone every week. Of course, January and the start of summer push dieting more…I write one per day then.

I realize most of my letters were destined for a trash bin. They were not flashy nor did they promise 24-hour weight loss. I got over it as I found the letter writing therapeutically helped me to release my built up tension fighting main stream culture and society.

I am grateful to note that one of my letters to the editor will finally be published. I feel so heard and finally little less misunderstood!

The letter will be in May 2007’s Marie Claire magazine. In case you do not get a chance to pick it up, here it is:

A woman once told me each of her diets ended with 3 emotional blows: she became a failure, a quitter, and she was still fat. Thank you for the enlightening interview with Susie Orbach and sharing her view of a diet’s physical and mental damage to women. I think it is unfortunate the diet industry disconnected a woman’s trust in herself and love for her natural shape. My hope is to see more empowering articles like this one and less that shame a woman into starvation and self punishment.

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