IBS+PCOS Webinar

I have been plagued by a nervous stomach lately. I will spare you the details yet one thing I know–if I am not alone then we don’t have enough TP left to cover us during this pandemic!!

I appreciate bowel issues are the norm for many of you with PCOS. Many clients have told me they experience bloating, constipation, diarrhea or all of these with PCOS. Did you know PCOS and IBS are often seen together??? 

While I have a toolbox to help with PCOS I come up short when it comes to IBS. I joke that my brain is at capacity so when someone with PCOS experiences an IBS flare or wants to learn more, I often consult with my friend and colleague Beth Rosen. You may have heard her on episode 90 of the Love Food Podcast

Beth is a my non-diet dietitian buddy and the owner of Goodness Gracious Living Nutrition. She is a GI Dietitian and a Low-FODMAP diet expert. Beth has also designed techniques and programs to empower chronic dieters, disordered eaters, and those in eating disorder recovery to mend their relationship with food and their bodies. Here’s a pic of Beth and me: we get to connect every year at FNCE–the Super Bowl for dietitians!

Beth and I are teaming up to offer a FREE webinar about how to treat your PCOS + IBS at the same time from a non-diet perspective. We will discuss what each syndrome is and isn’t, how to get diagnosed, common misconceptions, and how to manage your health in a safe, simple, and sustainable way. There is also time for a Q+A!

Don’t want to hear more about this PCOS + IBS webinar? No problem. Click here and this will be the last time you hear about it.

Here are the details:

WHAT: IBS + PCOS Webinar FREE Webinar
WHEN: Wednesday April 29th at 7:30 pm US Eastern Time (can’t make it live? No sweat. We can send the recording after it is over.)
HOW: Register here via the link. You must pre-register to grab a limited spot.

We want this time to be useful for you! Send us your specific questions and needs via this Google form.

Can’t wait to see you there!