J. Crew sends unhealthy message: Diet or cover yourself

Julie Dillon

I think J. Crew was spending too much time with nail polish remover to notice my recent rant. Sadly, they have done it AGAIN!

Picture from J. Crew May 2011

On page 40 of this month’s catalog one will find this caption among one piece bathing suits:

“Forget the pre-vacation crash diet. Our one-piece wonders come in cuts that complement with ruching in all the right places.”

Although I would usually order one of these pretty bathing suits, I refuse. How can I buy a product from a company that tells me I need to have less of me or cover my body up!?!  I can’t give my money to a company promoting the idea that dieting = permission to be an uncovered me. Just to spite them and all the other bad body image promoters, I will be wearing a 2 piece bathing suit sans dieting all summer.

Picture from J. Crew April 2011

(In case you were blinded by pink toe nail polish last month, here’s the original picture that inspired my body image and anti-diet vlog.)

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