Love Food Podcast Episode 001 Are We Doing It Wrong?

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A woman has been dieting for over 30 years and feels like a failure starting yet another weight loss plan. Instead of being hopeful and excited, she is feeling shitty. Really shitty. Dive in as we discuss health without dieting, family dynamics, and learning to eat again.

Key Points:

  • Diet rock bottom can be exhausting yet an opportunity to regain footing to a healthy relationship with food.
  • New diets can feel hopeful and be a seductive fantasy that life will be better with weight loss. Watch out for my F*bombs!
  • Our bodies do not like bodies. Falling off the diet wagon means you are being a successful human rather than a failure.
  • Binge Eating Disorder is serious and can take 4 to 7 years to recover. Perfectionism will keep you stuck in it longer! Mistakes help you know the best path to recovery.
  • The pursuit of weight loss can keep you from healing their relationship with food whether it is binge eating, emotional eating, and other disordered eating.
  • Lots on why diets don’t work.
  • Not dieting is not giving up. It’s letting yourself be.

Show Notes:

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