Love Food Podcast Episode 003: Nothing Says I Love You Like I Want Less of You

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Going to the chapel, going to get married…only if I am skinny enough. Wha??? Today’s letter writer struggles with body acceptance and can’t seem to lose weight. She wants to have her soon-to-be husband to make a contract: he can divorce her if she gains too much weight. Do you think this will give her the willpower to stay skinny? Do you think this will increase her motivation?

Key Points:

  • Just say no to weight focused marriage contracts!
  • Earth suits and pie in the sky views on unconditional love and marriage.
  • “If it’s not about your weight, what would it be about?” Elizabeth Scott, LCSW from The Body Postive
  • 4 transitions that seem to be high risk times to experience eating disorders.
  • Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses.
  • Focusing on disordered eating keeps us from experiencing the present. What are these behaviors distracting you from?
  • Willpower is a noun that does not belong with eating behaviors.

Show Notes:

Food Peace Syllabus additions:

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