Love Food Podcast Episode 008: I am a Fat Nutrition Student

Love Food Podcast Episode 008: I am a Fat Nutrition Student

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A nutrition student wrote to Food because she feels ashamed of her fat body. Although she knows diets are harmful she is tempted because of the fear of rejection: from her peers, potential employers, future clients, and herself. Julie calls Glenys Oyston RD to discuss possible solutions for this student.

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Key Points:

  • This student is not experiencing a nutrition problem yet a lack of exposure to size diversity messages. Could nutrition students be given more opportunities for personal health and well-being by exposure to more unconventional nutrition education such as attuned eating, pleasurable movement, and health at every size approaches?
  • Not everyone wants to work with a slim dietitian.
  • Glenys Oyston describes her transition from a body disparaging to weight neutral nutrition student which began after listening to Linda Bacon speak in a class. This helped her improve her body image while promoting healthy eating experiences. It also helped her appreciate she is much more than her body: she has thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc that mean much more to her.
  • Is there size discrimination in the dietetics profession? We say yes. Advocating for size acceptance can improve job satisfaction yet it is up to the individual on whether to speak up or not. Find allies on-line and unite!
  • Consider personal psychotherapy to proactively help your relationship with food and body image.
  • Hang in there Fat Nutrition Student! Things get better as you get more exposure to the profession and the diversity of body types.

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