Love Food Podcast Episode 12: Body Positive Gal in a Body Anxious World

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 12: Body Positive Gal in a Body Anxious World

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What if you’ve worked for years to heal your relationship with food and your body yet some people in your life are just not there themselves? And may never be? To stay in recovery, do you have to defend abstaining from diets? Do you need to censure all bad body talk? Julie calls dietitian and eating disorder specialist Pam Kelle to discuss ways to navigate this complicated and common experience.

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Key Points:

  • Growing up, Julie loved alternative and punk rock. (Secretly still does!)
  • Those affected by eating disorders are the canaries in the coal mine: they let us know when the world has become too toxic with diets and self hate.
  • Working toward and maintaining eating disorder recovery can be exhausting because of the impulse to defend non diet ways of experiencing food.
  • Pam Kelle RD, CEDRD teaches us to recognize the struggle with toxic diet and body hate talk and lean into it. She says observe with compassion rather than putting your dukes up.
  • While leaning in, meditate on the gratitude that you’re not currently in the throes of the diet trap like family or friends.
  • Remember how we connect with family and friends (safety, security, love, friendship, etc) and let it well up inside us. Next time we see those who diet, connect with this meditation rather than worry or be defensive.
  • Meditate, focus on the positive connections, and react with compassion rather than defensiveness. When we have the urge to be defensive, its a mirror to what we want to be away from in our own life.
  • Stay grounded in your own journey.
  • We all have a right to stand up and speak our truth yet try and predict the outcomes. If you want to speak up about diet conversations, decide what you would like to happen and consider if worth it.
  • Diet talk may be the gum on the bottom of your shoe: always there and sticky and triggering.
  • No one can rock your world if you don’t want them to!

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