Love Food Podcast Episode 14: How do I feed my kids without passing on my issues?

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 14: How do I feed my kids without passing on my issues?


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Raising children and all its food mess can bring up some past, somewhat resolved, bad body thoughts. Throw in everyone’s opinion on the best way to feed your children, and you may feel like you are in an eating disorder relapse tailspin. How can you provide variety and teach healthy eating without sparking that eating disorder?? Can you prevent passing it on to your children??

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Key Points:

  • We don’t cry over spilled milk in our house yet it can get under my skin.
  • When knee deep in the meal time chaos take a deep breath, step back, and know many parents are feeling this same struggle feeding their children. #TheStruggleIsReal
  • Julie’s daughter decided to go rouge with her sour cream and just about freaked Julie out.
  • With a few boundaries, our children will get the nutrients they need without having to be constantly policed.
  • Katie Holder RD rock and rolls in the meal time chaos. She provides insight to get us through.
  • Trust your instincts when something in feeding feels off.
  • Peace at meal time happens when our kids feel safe and competent with the food choices yet meal time may still feel bonkers.
  • Family style dining can promote a healthy relationship with food. Include a couple of starches, fruit, vegetable, a protein, and couple sources of fat. Plop them on the table. Kids decide how much if any they will eat of these. No pressure to eat certain foods. No bribes. No foods before others.
  • Expect food jags due to preference and appetite. At two years of age, pickiness peaks and willingness to try things changes.
  • Katie’s son didn’t eat a vegetable for a whole year…and no one took her nutrition license away 😉
  • Serve dessert at dinner not afterwards sometimes. Teaches all foods are normal and enjoyable.
  • Never force a child to eat something. Child needs to be able to have permission to not eat and learn how to say it politely.
  • Meal time boundaries help everyone. Including giving caregivers a chance to take a break. At some time we need to be able to say, “THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED!” Healthy boundaries can prevent passing on that eating disorder.
  • All those caregivers out there: you are doing a great job!

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