Love Food Podcast Episode 15: I am confused and shoulding all over myself

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 15: I am confused and shoulding all over myself


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Body acceptance and respect is all fine and good yet what if one gains weight due to medications? Does this trump non-diet approach research? Does this make the pursuit of weight loss health promoting? If so, how can one lose weight in a healthy way??

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Key Points:

  • Our family of origin teaches us how to relate to food and our body. If you grew up in a family with disordered eating and/or body hate, it teaches us to fear fat and to prevent it all costs. Even if it hurts.
  • The only thing we can tell about a person from his/her weight is our own weight bias (based on a quote from Marilyn Wann). Not health.
  • Those at higher weights may very well be eating in a health promoting way so if you get at higher doesn’t mean you must now worry about your weight. The worry very well could lead to more disease.
  • Should you diet if you’ve gained weight from a medication? No. What if you’ve gained 100 pounds or more…does that make a difference? It’s a moot point for me the weight gain amount does not matter. We have no diet that promotes effective and health promoting outcomes long-term for more than 3 to 5%. Julie demands better data before I can recommend a weight loss diet. Otherwise, Julie would be promoting something without sound scientific backing.
  • Twin studies suggest the more one diets, the more they weigh.
  • Friend: “I am going on a diet.” Julie: “Oh, are you trying to gain weight??” Friend: “Uhhh, no. Huh?”
  • All change brings melancholy so respecting your current higher size due to medication may warrant a time of grief.
  • If you don’t agree with this podcast episode, I welcome the conversation. Please send me the data.

Show Notes:

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