Love Food podcast episode 16: So, how do I learn to trust my body??

Julie Dillon

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Love Food podcast episode 16: So, how do I learn to trust my body??


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Eat this not that? Now what?? After a lifetime of fad diets and health pursuits can leave you confused and distrusting your body. If you are at diet rock bottom and want to relearn how to trust your body and get off the crazy diet train, this episode is for you!

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Key Points:

  • Mind and body connections promote health yet when our mind is too active it can keep us from our own innate wisdom for health. Get better attuned by sitting with the curiosity.
  • Society’s body size standards for women make it tough to trust your body.
  • Big bodies ARE acceptable even though you may get another message from your family, friends, society, and culture.
  • Flexibility, nonjudgmental approaches, permission are the way to further attune to the body, improve body image, and cultivate trust.
  • Mindful eating = compassionate curiosity without judgment. If one eats past fullness that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.
  • Internal vs. external dialogues are key.
  • Imagine breathing through a drinking straw for awhile…when able to breath normally will need to gasp for air. Diets are like the straw and your eating is like our breathing. It’s not your fault you’re gasping for air and not your fault when we feel obsessed with food around diets. Blame the diets and straws instead 😉

Show Notes:

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