Love Food Podcast Episode 17: I am an anxious eater.

Love Food Podcast Episode 17: I am an anxious eater.


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Our world believes food kills us or cures us but information tends to conflict. Eating a “no” food can provoke anxiety in many people. Does this happen to you? Let’s dig in to find ways to remove anxiety’s wedge and power.

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Key Points:

  • Thank you students from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Nutrition Department for the fun and energizing discussions on weight, eating disorders, and body image. Julie completed her dietetic internship there and thankful for the time there.
  • Even though it may appear to be simple, nutrition science is not an easy science A.
  • Our world believes food kills us or cures us. Stop the dichotomous insanity! Food anxiety exists because nutrition science is a fluid science that cannot be categorized into yes and no boxes.
  • Anxiety can’t hurt us yet the things we do to avoid the anxiety harm us.
  • Anxiety from food avoidance keeps us from experiencing joy. It also promotes poor health by increasing stress hormones which can promote heart disease and strokes.
  • Phobia 10 point scales combined with fear food examples can help one move past the anxiety from eating those fear foods. This is long term incredible work that requires a therapist and dietitian. So worth your time and energy!!
  • Let’s address that fear of fat. Fat phobia provokes Julie dropped an F bomb because that fear promotes disease, isolation, oppression, and ignorant stereotypes.
  • Size diversity makes us beautiful.
  • Size acceptance helps people of ALL sizes experience more health and better health care.
  • Peel back anxiety layers and find fears based on something old living in our body. Challenge it and you can get back to being you. Which brings you closer to your joy.

Show Notes:

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