Love Food Podcast Episode 18: I am a hypocrite.

Julie Dillon

Tags: body positivity, compassion, hypocrite, Love Food
Love Food Podcast Episode 18: I am a hypocrite.


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Body positivity promotes body respect, acceptance, and love. If you don’t always love your body, does that mean you can’t model body positivity? Julie and a guest discuss the letter from someone who feels like a hypocrite for telling people to love their body when she doesn’t always love her body back.

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Key Points:

  • Julie shares a part of her personal struggle with her body image. She feels a bit awkward doing it and hopes it ok to share with you.
  • Julie and guest Paige Smathers explore the definition of recovery. Recovery can be the food times enjoying food as well as the messy tough struggles when we may feel out of control. Recovery includes awareness of the moment, no matter what it looks like in the moment.
  • If all or nothing thinking plagued food choices or body image it can also negatively affect your definition of eating disorder recovery.
  • Paige says all we can do is try our best.
  • Do you have to always love your body to be a model of body positivity? Julie and Paige say no! That just means you are an aware human.
  • Model self-compassion and vulnerability.

Show Notes:

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