Love Food Podcast Episode 22: Confused by the ups + downs

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 22: Confused by the ups + downs

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Have you spent your whole life being told your body is not acceptable?

Do you have times when eating seems enjoyable yet many other times when it feels exhausting and shameful?

It is time to recalibrate and reset your relationship with food. Listen now to make sense of the confusion and start to heal.

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Key Points:

  • “The only time we need to feel guilty about eating food is when we have stolen it.” Evelyn Tribole  RD
  • Just because we feel it doesn’t mean it’s true.
  • If told your body is not acceptable, it is easy to cultivate a complicated relationship with food.
  • Letter writer loves food, and enjoys food yet may need to do grief work concerning relationship with food…what it used to be and what it never will be. Letting go of what she had hoped for with her relationship food will make room for what really is and can be.
  • Living in our world as a fat woman, it is typical to experience messages that that’s not ok, should change it, and her own fault…those are not truths. Yet probably felt sense of shame to be different so fighting up-stream to enjoy food, her body, and make peace.
  • Eating for show puts physiology in a place where starving, rapid eating, then shame.
  • Grief work would be tough work yet hopeful eventually.
  • Intuitive eating with permission giving could be first steps to this grief work. Would be enhanced by working with a counselor and no longer dieting.
  • Put down your “weapons” and reconnect with On the Battlefield.
  • Women and men in larger bodies often have experienced trauma due to existing in a body that culture says is wrong. Doing trauma work may help heal your relationship with food.

Show Notes:

    • Intuitive Eating by Tribole and Reach

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