Love Food Podcast Episode 23: I’ve lost the weight yet still feel ashamed.

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 23: I’ve lost the weight yet still feel ashamed.

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Have you had a dysfunctional relationship with food since you were a kid?? Was food a protector from horrible life events yet you are still feel shameful years later? Listen now for insight.

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Key Points:

  • Thank you for the feedback on how you are experiencing the show. So glad you are experiencing more peace with food and at home in your own skin!
  • Julie says thank you for sharing the kind words after she expressed her own body image struggles during times of infertility (Not episode 21 as I state in this podcast rather Episode 18)
  • Have you read Dietland yet? Amazing and sure to help you heal your relationship with food and your body. Would love to hear your thoughts about the book. #JenniferExists. Shall we have a Dietland book club??
  • It is important to honor the functional relationship we have with food. Tell Food thank you and compassionately time to move on and grieve it when it changes. Unless it is not time.
  • Trauma work can help you heal and be able find another way of relating with food.
  • Unhealthy coping is still coping. Stop beating yourself up for how you’ve gotten this far.
  • Should we blame weight for health problems? Weight probably has a relationship with health yet not causation. Just a relationship. Health behavior change associated with weight gain shouldn’t be considered the cause rather a symptom.
  • Not everyone in larger bodies has health problems. Not everyone who has lost weight is healthy.
  • Cause for health problems multifactorial probably from oppressions, traumas, behaviors, and stress.
  • Food addiction: when one takes away the deprivation, they no longer using the word addiction to describe her relationship with food.
  • Many people can relate to the trauma of sexual abuse and/or bullying.
  • Next time you find yourself in a binge or bad body thoughts, take a deep breath, in this exact moment, someone else is sitting with the same shame and anger. Use that common bond to help you energize your healing.

Show Notes:

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