Love Food Podcast Episode 26: Will I always hate my body??

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 26: Will I always hate my body??

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Do you have a roller coaster relationship with food??

As you work on changing how you experience food, you may notice bad body thoughts remain. Will it always be this tough??

Listen now for thoughts from Julie and her guest psychotherapist Nicole Christina.

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Key Points:

  • Always have HOPE!
  • The way to heal our relationship with our body is via repairing our culture.
  • Myth of solid wall of misery via Sharon Salzberg: These feelings eb and flow. They are more like storm clouds and you will get a break. The dark clouds are not the sky. The sky is still there.
  • During days with lots of negative body image keep in mind that those feelings won’t last.
  • Buddhist techniques can help you make steps forward. Notice WHY bad body thoughts happen.
  • You don’t have to be hijacked by feelings.

Show Notes:

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