Love Food Podcast Episode 29: I feel ugly.

Julie Dillon

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Love Food Podcast Episode 29: I feel ugly.

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Do you work in the entertainment industry and struggle with your body image? At times you may feel unacceptable yet what if it’s them not you? Listen now for solutions.

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Key Points:

  • PCOS and Food Peace Course set to begin in Greensboro. Give me a call (336.273.2808 x 0) if you’d like to attend this in person only event.
  • Are you looking for acceptance in your body’s appearance? The way this letter writer defines an acceptable body does not fit her DNA.
  • This is reinforced with the media’s discrimination and pressure for all to lose weight. This is wrong on so many levels.
  • Problem: didn’t see other women who looked like you. Julie wonders if this letter writer’s body size more like dad’s side of the family rather than mom’s side.
  • Problem: if more like dad’s body shape/size, he said he “struggled” with his weight which is code for didn’t accept it.
  • Do you feel unacceptable for taking up too much space??
  • Do you feel anger, frustration that feels endless? This mimics the body image struggles and symbolic of feminist issues.
  • You have permission to take up your space…whatever that is.
  • Redefine what an acceptable body is for you and everyone else.
  • Describe feelings as ugly?? Julie struggles with that description of normal experiences.

Show Notes:

  • Body Respect: What conventional health books get wrong, leave out, and just plain fail to understand about weight by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphamor

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