I’m tired of fighting the world to not diet. I’m tempted to try again.

I’m tired of fighting the world to not diet. I’m tempted to try again.

Are you feeling tempted by all of the New Years diet talk? Do you know diets don’t work, and yet find yourself thinking that maybe this time it’ll be different? Listen now for my reminders on why intuitive eating and Food Peace™ are the way to true empowerment and health.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • We know that diets don’t work long-term… and yet, the New Year brings the tempting diet message to the forefront, especially for those of us in larger bodies that face weight stigma.
  • What is intuitive eating? How can it help us to find Food Peace™?
  • The more we try to restrict, the more we feel chaotic around food, and the more likely we are to experience weight gain and eating disorders.
  • This process of Food Peace™ is SO much harder if we live in a larger body!
  • Diets are this big, seductive fantasy designed to keep us stuck in ideas around what makes us worthy.
  • Let’s find a way to make our bodies acceptable right NOW.
  • Diets also hold this idea of hope for connection and acceptance, which is part of what makes it so tempting.
  • I believe in body liberation and body autonomy… you can do what you want with your body! But I still encourage you, when you feel the pull of dieting, to consider what triggered that thought process. Investigate it, and if the root of it is yearning to connect with others, consider that connection is what you really want, not weight loss.
  • Working towards radical self-acceptance can feel isolating! Remember that part of the seduction of dieting is hope for connection and acceptance to and from others.
  • People in larger bodies are often praised for seeking out weight loss. It can help you feel more accepted and create a mode of connection… but that doesn’t mean it’s the right way forward.
  • It’s possible that diets are trying to help you meet unmet needs of acceptance and connections. Diving deeper into the WHY is so important!!
  • Shame is likely a part of this as well, so investigate that and unwrap the true motivations behind this urge.
  • Ask yourself, what are you really yearning for?

Show Notes:

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