Will I ever feel free in my body? {Ep 102 with Meredith Noble}

Will I ever feel free in my body? {Ep 102 with Meredith Noble}

How’s your Food Peace journey going? Pull up a chair and listen to a letter from a fellow traveler. This person has sworn off diets and stumbles when seeing their curves. Will this person ever feel free in their body? Listen now to hear my conversation with Meredith Noble, and get our tips on how to navigate this part of the Food Peace™ journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • The world needs to be fixed, and we need to eradicate diet culture!!
  • Opting out of diet culture is a constant process.
  • Meredith Noble comes on the show to talk about struggling with what we see in the mirror.
  • It’s so normal to understand anti-diet work on an intellectual level, but that doesn’t mean we’re integrating it into our lives.
  • Shame plays a big role!
  • We’re all trying our best to survive in this fatphobic culture… remember, it’s SO normal to feel the urge to go back to diets when we’ve been triggered because many of our struggles stem from this fatphobia.
  • Any work we’ve done before, even if we go back to dieting, is never wasted!
  • Many of us are fine with their bodies… until we see a photo of our bodies. When you feel triggered by a photo, try to change the focus from what your body looks like, to what you were feeling and experiencing in that moment.
  • Part of body acceptance is also making it a goal to look at bodies of all shapes and sizes, especially larger bodies. Instagram is a great resource for this! We can start to dismantle our own internalized fatphobia when we continually expose ourselves to the beauty of larger bodies.
  • It also may be helpful to look at photos of our OWN bodies more often. Take photos of yourself! Take selfies! Learn to appreciate them! And remember, don’t limit yourself to your “best” angles… look at yourself from ALL perspectives!!
  • You don’t need to be fixed… the WORLD needs to be fixed!

Show Notes:

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