Am I doing enough to protect my kids from body hate?? {Episode 103 with Anna Lutz}

Am I doing enough to protect my kids from body hate?? {Episode 103 with Anna Lutz}

Are you trying to protect your kids from all the diet culture messaging out there? Listen now for my chat with friend and colleague, Anna Lutz, while we break down how to help our kids be resilient against this disordered culture.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • It’s January, and diet culture is EVERYWHERE! I worry a lot about the messages my kids are getting from these commercials and programs… Anna Lutz joins us today to talk about protecting our children from all the diet culture out there!!
  • There’s SO much of raising children that we don’t have any control over. There’s only so much we can do to protect our kids from so many things, from diet culture to bullying.
  • Instead of trying to control everything around your kid, focus on creating a foundation for your child to come back to when they’re confronted with diet culture.
  • Remember, we can do all the “right things,” but their genetics and personality can also play a role in how susceptible they are to diet culture.
  • We can’t change the way the culture perceives our kids’ bodies, but what we CAN do is support our kids in their home and give them a safe haven no matter what goes on outside.
  • Do what you can to talk positively about ALL bodies and talk neutrally about food. Model food and body peace the best you can!
  • Try to have consistent family meals where you can connect and communicate with your kids, and where you can model how to handle food in a neutral way. Research shows that this helps them to be resilient!
  • If your kids encounter fatphobia and tell you about it, start asking questions! Make them think about it, and start a conversation, rather than just trying to correct it. Help them to critically think!!
  • Remember, you’re raising the next generation! Who knows, maybe we’re making the first group of kids who don’t believe in weight bias and diet culture.

Show Notes:

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