What will it take for me to have a normal relationship with food? {Ep 108}

What will it take for me to have a normal relationship with food? {Ep 108}

Are you ready to let go of the food rules and embrace body acceptance, no matter your size? Is it time to cast aside the myths we’ve learned through diet culture about what we eat and what we look like? Listen now as I respond to a letter from someone ready to take those next steps.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • You CAN have a normal relationship with food! How do you do that? By placing the blame where it belongs: with society.
  • We live in a world where people judge body size, and where people make assumptions about what we eat based on our size… but this isn’t a true representation of the various experiences that people in ALL bodies have!
  • Most people of size are actually some of the MOST disciplined people out there due to years and years of trying to diet.
  • Weight Watchers just announced a special, free summer program for teens. This is a problem!! Dieting is the number one precursor for eating disorders, and the summer is a particularly vulnerable time.
  • The food we eat doesn’t dictate our moral value!
  • Losing weight and maintaining a smaller body size is about trying to find acceptance from the culture around us… but in reality, diets don’t provide long-term, true acceptance!
  • Diets give us the hope that we’ll be finally treated with respect and be able to participate in our lives to the fullest extent, in ways that we couldn’t before the weight loss. But this is a fantasy! First, losing weight doesn’t grant us these things automatically. And second, diets fail. Long-term intentional weight loss is virtually IMPOSSIBLE! And the diet industry knows it. They COUNT on repeat customers.
  • The blame is not on you. It’s on our world’s fatphobia. But there’s no simple cure for eradicating weight bias! So what have we got to do? We as individuals have to join together and take a stand, and that starts with acknowledging our own internalized fatphobia and rejecting it.
  • Practice respect and compassion with yourself, continue to place the blame on our society, continue to deconstruct your own bias, and eventually you’ll come to a place where you can call out the fatphobia around us. This is how we change the world for generations to come!

Show Notes:

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