My past trauma keeps me from healing my relationship with food (Ep 110 with Julie Church and Kara Bazzi)

My past trauma keeps me from healing my relationship with food (Ep 110 with Julie Church and Kara Bazzi)

Are you struggling to accept your body size, even though you’ve made peace with food? Is past trauma still affecting our ability to find true and lasting recovery? Julie Church and Kara Bazzi join me to break down this part of the Food Peace™ journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Working with a dietitian and therapist TEAM is so important for full recovery! Julie Church, RD, and Kara Bazzi, therapist, from Opal: Food + Body Wisdom Center join us to talk about this week’s letter.
  • Our eating behaviors are coping mechanisms, and sometimes we have to engage in some disordered behaviors to protect ourselves.
  • Shifting our relationship with our body is SO hard, especially when body hatred has plagued us for so long.
  • Seeking healing means there’s HOPE to find further growth and peace!
  • Our world is so, SO fatphobic, and it wrongly connects our weight to our health and our self-worth. Part of the work is disconnecting weight from these other factors.
  • Making peace with food and acting in self-care through nourishing ourselves does NOT mean you will lose weight, and it does NOT mean you’ll be in a smaller body! Food peace doesn’t equate to thinness.
  • Support yourself through this weight bias we experience by finding community. Advocate for yourself, and demand respect for your body! You deserve safe relationships.
  • Interrogate what’s behind the body hatred! Trauma, weight bias… these things can contribute to us not feeling safe in our bodies and disrupt our body image. Part of the process is striving for a more relational relationship with our bodies. Investigate some somatic work, and dig deep.

Show Notes:

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