Everyday starts out good then I binge. Am I broken? (Ep 112 with Dana Magee)

Everyday starts out good then I binge. Am I broken? (Ep 112 with Dana Magee)

Is Food Peace™ and intuitive eating your goal, but you’re finding that being in a larger body is holding you back from that healing work? Listen now to get my tips on how to approach this part of the Food Peace™ journey.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Food brings us health and connection, BUT it doesn’t deserve the amount of power that we give it in diet culture. Food can’t really cure us OR kill us!
  • Thin privilege is very, very real! Our ability to heal our relationship around food IS impacted by our size and how the world treats us based on that size.
  • You aren’t “bad” based on your food choices!
  • Food deprivation in our past can translate into our present in the form of dieting.
  • Boys and men are often given permission to take up more space in the world and consume more food without negative associations. But growing girls need nourishment too!
  • Intuitive eating is essential for Food Peace™, but it’s important not to turn it into yet another diet rule. It isn’t the eat-when-you’re-hungry-stop-when-you’re-full diet! It’s about listening to your body and being curious about how certain foods make you feel.
  • Intuitive eating is NOT a weight loss plan!!
  • The desire to be in a smaller body is often about the need to be accepted, rather than the need to actually be physically smaller.
  • Remember, you can still want to lose weight but not pursue it! The pursuit of weight loss is harmful for our health, but it can be hard to let go of that desire completely because we live in a fatphobic society. So put weight loss on the back-burner, otherwise Food Peace™ will continue to be out of reach. We can’t listen to our fullness and hunger cues and honor them if we’re worried about weight gain!
  • Historical deprivation gets in the way of our intuition around food, so it’s important to unpack that with an intuitive-eating professional.
  • Intuitive eating work takes time, it’s not linear, and it’s messy. And the work is never really over because we live in diet culture! You’re not doing it wrong. You’re just in the process like everyone else.
  • Too much of morality is wrapped up in our food choices, and it’s time to reject that!
  • If we don’t eat enough during the day, our body pushes us to eat more at the end of the day. This is the restrict-binge cycle, and to stop it, you need to eat more!

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