Does the non-diet approach make diabetes worse? (Episode 113 with Megrette Fletcher)

Does the non-diet approach make diabetes worse? (Episode 113 with Megrette Fletcher)

Does the non-diet approach make diabetes worse?? How does intuitive eating fit when a person has real health concerns are impacted by food choices? Listen now to get my tips on how to grapple with this part of the Food Peace™ journey. Special guest expert is Megrette Fletcher, diabetes AND mindful eating dietitian expert.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Black and white thinking is a cognitive distortion. Real like, and real health, isn’t like that at all. Being a weight-inclusive, fat-positive, non-diet dietitian is NOT an approach that harms health.
  • Gastric bypass does NOT rid the world of fatphobia! The answer to this problem is a combo solution: to help people heal their relationship with food AND with their bodies. Part of this means healing the cultural fatphobia our world is currently struggling with.
  • Megrette Fletcher joins us to talk about medical nutrition therapy!
  • Moving away from a job that doesn’t support our passions and values is an amazing step.
  • The culture surrounding diabetes is super saturated by diet culture, and so moving out of the diet-centric paradigm in diabetes work is hard! Before insulin was invented, restriction was the only way we knew how to manage the disease.
  • We need to pause and think, why are we so afraid of nourishing the body?
  • When we teach diabetes from a Health at Every Size perspective, we address every body as an individual.
  • We’re ALL marinating in diet culture, and people who struggle with diabetes exist in a diet-culture pressure cooker. We don’t cause diabetes as it’s a genetic disease, but so much of diet culture blames the individual and individual food and exercise choices.
  • Compassion is KEY for diabetes care, as there really isn’t a cure and it’s not a disease anyone asks for. It’s a genetic condition that’s VERY complex.
  • The goal needs to be to nourish the body, period. Where our weight ends up doesn’t matter!
  • No matter what your body size, you need to eat! We need more food than we think, and we’re allowed to nourish our bodies.

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