I’ve been at a higher weight and lower weight. I fear my body changing again. (Episode 116 with Sarah Thompson)

I’ve been at a higher weight and lower weight. I fear my body changing again. (Episode 116 with Sarah Thompson)

Are you healing your relationship with food and your body and are coming to the point of beginning to crave joyful movement and gentle nutrition, but are worried that delving into this part of the Food Peace™ journey will jeopardize your recovery? Are the people around you still stuck in diet culture, and you’re finding your relationship with them increasingly difficult as you move closer to Food Peace™? Listen now as special guest, Sarah Thompson, and I give our take on these Food Peace™ challenges.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Sarah Thompson joins us to break down this week’s letter!
  • Internalized weight stigma and diet culture are challenging to let go of, but it’s necessary to find peace with food and our bodies.
  • Fatphobia is SO entrenched in all of us, and it hurts everyone no matter our body size!
  • Everyone is indoctrinated into diet culture, especially those of us who have been socialized as women.
  • Family dynamics can play a big role in how we relate to food and our bodies, especially if as children we’re made to act in a parental role.
  • Embracing food and body actions that stereotypically have ties to dieting and restriction can be scary, but we don’t have to engage with joyful movement and gentle nutrition in a disordered way! They can be nourishing actions, and they don’t have to belong to diet culture.
  • Body changes can be triggering, and weight loss may make us feel like we’re betraying the fat-acceptance community. Body changes can also throw our body-acceptance process for a loop, making us have to start the process of embracing our new shape all over again. But body changes are inevitable!
  • Make sure that you’re aware of your privilege, and acknowledge it! Make room for marginalized voices.
  • We get to enjoy salads and movement without promising ourselves weight loss and without falling down a disordered rabbit hole.
  • The more that we heal our relationship with food, the less we will feel that foods are “healthy” or “unhealthy.”
  • There are people in larger bodies that have an active lifestyle! We DON’T have to be a small body to enjoy movement, and we don’t have to pursue movement for the sake of weight loss. Movement belongs to everyone!
  • We’re all continually doing our own work and finding our own path.

Show Notes:

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