I’m a food addict. I will never make peace with you. (Episode 117)

I’m a food addict. I will never make peace with you. (Episode 117)

Have you ever described your relationship with food as an addiction? Do you think that Food Peace™ will never work for you because you’re addicted to certain kinds of food? Listen now to get my take on this Food Peace™ challenge.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Your feelings about being addicted to food are valid… BUT, it’s important to investigate WHY we feel that way, and to dig deeper.
  • We live in a world where controlling our food and having a certain body size are thought to go hand-in-hand. We think that if we eat less, we’re going to weigh less, and that people in larger bodies just don’t have “discipline” when it comes to food. But this just isn’t true!!
  • Internalized fatphobia and the desire to find acceptance in our thin-obsessed culture can drive us towards dieting, and the desire to restrict our food. It can also push us towards removing pleasure from our lives, whether it’s about food, sex, or anything else!
  • If we were allowed to embrace pleasure, I think that the feeling of addiction around food would change.
  • If we aren’t giving ourselves PERMISSION to have pleasure, we are going to subconsciously restrict and deprive ourselves of food.
  • This is not your fault! Our body pushes us to be preoccupied with food when we deprive ourselves of food. Restriction keeps the food-preoccupation going!!
  • Compassion and permission are key, not keeping ourselves “under control.”
  • Name the moments when food has too much power!!
  • Our bodies and our brains just want us to stay alive, and the feeling of food addiction is actually how our bodies continue to try and stay alive.
  • Remember, your needs aren’t a burden. You are NOT too needy! Redefine your expectations around meeting your needs.
  • Consider how thin privilege plays a role in feeling like we need to fix ourselves. Put the anger and the burden where it belongs! Not on us, but on the fatphobic society in which we live.
  • Strive for embodiment, pleasure, satisfaction, and compassion.
  • Patients with PCOS often experience even more intense feelings about being addicted to food, especially because most doctors encourage people with PCOS to cut out carbs. But carbs are not the enemy! By removing them from your diet, you just increase the need for them, and the feeling of being out of control around them.

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