(124) My relationship with food is dark (with Corrie Van Horne and Melissa Preston).

(124) My relationship with food is dark (with Corrie Van Horne and Melissa Preston).

Have you been trying to recover from your eating disorder yet constantly slipping back in? Been in and out of treatment? We hope you know you are not alone. Check out this week’s featured Dear Food letter and listen to the wise and compassionate advice from Corrie Van Horne and Melissa Preston.

Episode’s Key Points:

  • Special guests: Corrie Van Horne and Melissa Preston, both Licensed Professional Counselors (Corrie is a candidate) and Registered Dietitians, co-founders of Omni Counseling and Nutrition.
  • Many with eating disorders find themselves going in and out of various levels of treatment throughout their recovery journey.
  • Transitioning out of a higher level of care where there is fairly constant support can be challenging in many ways, particularly when it comes to “normalizing” one’s relationship with food.
  • Oftentimes, our relationship with food and how we perceive it, mirrors other relationships and forms of oppression in our life.
  • Autonomy and self-compassion are both powerful tools in healing both our relationship with individuals and food.
  • Good self-reminder: Food is essential to life. It is okay (and necessary) to want to and need to eat.

Show Notes:

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