(126) I have no willpower.

(126) I have no willpower.

Do you feel like you have no willpower when it comes to food? Does it seem like you will never get out of the cycle of dieting and bingeing? Are you even wondering if you may have a food addiction? Listen along as Julie Duffy Dillon provides insight on your next steps of your Food Peace journey.

Episode’s Key Points:

  • Nutrition Myth: Calories in, calories out is the key to weight loss.—>Fat phobia is actually at the root of this false message
  • Intuitive Eating will help bring about peace with food and your body through rebuilding connections with your body and allowing food to be consumed for both fuel and pleasure.
  • Taking steps to dismantle our fat phobic system and move towards body liberation is key to promoting health for us all.
  • Our worldview of bodies is broken, not our bodies.
  • Research shows that diets don’t work for most people.
  • Saying someone is addicted to food is like saying they’re addicted to oxygen, water, warmth, and sleep —>we need all of these to stay alive; “We can’t be addicted to something we need to survive” –Amy Pershing
  • Connect with as many fat positive people as you are able in order to help move towards body autonomy and body liberation.

Show Notes:

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