(128) I’m afraid of relapse while raising my kids.

(128) I’m afraid of relapse while raising my kids.

Are you caught up in the mania that is motherhood? Do you find yourself feeling fatigued when it comes to making decisions regarding your kids’ food choices? Does it feel as if your own relationship with food is being challenged? You’re in the right place. Julie Duffy Dillon provides a heart-to-heart on this rewarding, but often exhausting stage.

Episode’s Key Points:

  • Parenting often triggers many forms of stress.
  • Finding ways to complete tasks in more efficient ways can help relieve some of this anxiety.
  • If you have a history of an eating disorder or disordered eating, you may find these old behaviors and ways of coping return as you are dealing with the challenges of parenthood.
  • Eating for comfort and emotional eating are both very normal human ways of coping.
  • It is not the food choices that are concerning but rather the self-shaming thoughts and feelings we have around the choices we make. When these thoughts come up, call them out for what they are and provide self-compassion.
  • Connecting with a therapist provides a safe space to process your concerns.
  • Gather support from fellow mothers and intuitive eating mom experts.

Show Notes:

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