(171) How do I explore Food Peace after weight loss surgery? (with Kirsten Ackerman)

Julie Dillon

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(171) How do I explore Food Peace after weight loss surgery? (with Kirsten Ackerman)

Have you gone to drastic measures to heal your relationship with food? Wonder how to move away from diets after stomach surgery? Can you access Food Peace too? There is space for you in this conversation. Listen as I discuss this with fellow dietitian Kirsten Ackerman from Intuitive Bites podcast.

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This episode is brought to you by my courses: PCOS and Food Peace and Dietitians PCOS and Food Peace. You CAN make peace with food even with PCOS and I want to show you how.

This episode’s Dear Food letter:

Dear Food, 

I am a former MS, RD who gave up my credentials due to diagnoses of major clinical depression and EDNOS. That was over a decade ago, but I think that at least a part of me may still grieves that decision. (As an aside to Julie: I know you can appreciate the loooong road, dedication and hard work it took to earn those credentials!) 

I had a major weight gain when I began taking prescribed psychiatric medications as an adult. Prior to that, I had no history of “added” pounds as a child or  young adult.

I’ve had two weight loss surgeries: a sleeve gastrectomy a little over a year ago and the lap band before that. I dropped some pounds (~100 with the lap band) prior to the sleeve but the band was removed due to complications of pseudoachalasia. 

I work in group and individual therapy, times many, many years, regarding HAES and intuitive eating. I am healthy, no HTN, diabetes, but I do have severe bilateral knee osteoarthritis that limits my mobility. 

I have questions on several levels. First, how can I be more gentle with myself regarding my professional history? My pride prevents me from sharing my full educational and training background in my group. 

How can I be more gentle with myself regarding my weight loss surgeries? I feel that the sleeve was a mistake, but there is no turning back now…. I haven’t lost any weight since the surgery and, of late, there are times when I binge (having not done so in many years.) 

How can I be more gentle with myself about exercise? I’ve not found my “joyful movement” as an adult just yet. It’s a strain to walk due to my knees. 

Although I want to continue along the road of slowing down my eating and being more mindful at meal/snack times, I find myself just “not doing it.” How do I balance feelings of giving up with the desire to tune into my body? 

Also, my body is large, with hanging flesh. I have a desire to live in a smaller body, thinking that my movement would be less constricted. That said, I realize that “desire” itself may be my actual impediment….     

Your thoughts, feelings and feedback are most welcome.


 One of Your Most True Lovers

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