(173) Can someone have too much Food Peace?

Julie Dillon

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(173) Can someone have too much Food Peace?

Ever wonder if someone can have too much peace with food? That being so laissez-faire can mean too many foods that can have detrimental health effects? Where are the limitations? When has it gone too far? Listen up because this has more to do with the questioner than meets the eye.

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This episode’s Dear Food letter:

Dear food.

I am so happy to be embracing you again. After months, years even, of tight, stifling restriction I have welcomed you back with much more open arms. I have defined and then found ‘healthy enough’ for me. The thing is, I am concerned now with something completely different. My partner of 10 years who on the outside looks the picture of health is choosing types of you that I can’t help but worry about. 

He sends me to the shop most days to buy cartons and packages of you that I know, while they have a place in a balanced diet, aren’t the best for him when eating so regularly and without the fruit and veggies, etc.

This puts me in a tricky place, food. The very last thing I want to do is restrict him in any way or be even a little bit judgemental. I don’t think he’s got disordered eating of any kind. I simply think he doesn’t prioritize his health as much as I do. Which is fine. Bodily autonomy. But I can’t help worrying. He has a family history of diabetes and I think because he is in a socially accepted body, I think he thinks he’s protected.

This letter makes me sound like a horrible girlfriend. Maybe I am. What I really crave is a long and happy and healthy life together. How can I approach you, food, in relation to my relationship? Is it possible for someone to feel so much peace with food – too much peace – that they just don’t care? How do I help him care? Can I help him? Should I mind my own business?

Love, Dreaming of his health.

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