(210) I feel possessed around food.

Julie Dillon

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(210) I feel possessed around food.

Do you feel possessed at times with the chaos that a binge brings? Have you tried everything to change your eating behavior yet feel addicted?? This episode’s letter writer is from a concerned family member worried about their parent’s on and off relationship with food. I have a feel you can relate. Listen here now to hear all the details and a way through.

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Dear Food,

I know you and I still have work to do, but I’m writing today to talk to you about your relationship with my dad (hope you don’t mind!). He knows so much about you, and he’s tried so many diets and plans, but he just can’t stick with eating in a healthy way. He’s had a number of health problems related to his weight and diet, and has to take about a dozen prescription pills a day to address his GI issues. He says he wants to change, and wants to take better care of himself – but for years now, he and our family have watched helplessly as the motivation wanes after a week or two, disappears for months, and then shows back up full-force. It’s been exhausting for everyone to see this cycle over and over again. He even has the self-awareness to see what works for him, what doesn’t, why he might be giving up, what psycho-emotional factors are at play – but all that self-reflection doesn’t turn into action (and he knows that, too!) He’s even joked that he feels “possessed” when he binges on sugar and snacks, or that his brain and his tongue aren’t communicating, and that “it’s time to go back on that plan again.”He and the rest of us thought that after he had to be hospitalized for the GI issue, it would be enough motivation – but he went back to old habits quickly. We’ve tried cooking together, affirmations, journaling, listing all the great things that will come with healthy eating. He’s seen nutritionists and psychologists, he’s tried meditating and going to the gym. But even with the support, motivation, experts, and health care professionals, he hasn’t been able to make the changes and progress he wants. Now, his first grandchild is on the way. We love him, we don’t want to be intrusive – he’s asked for us to help. But we feel powerless, and defeated that we can’t help. Food – is it time for him (and us?) to work with a professional? How do we know where to start, and what kind of specialist to look for? He hasn’t been diagnosed with an eating disorder – will he need a doctor referral? Will this be another expense and ray of hope that goes nowhere? He wants to heal, and we want to see him love himself as much as we love him.

Love, Concerned Daughter

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