(212) Immunity concerns–Veggies, Herbs, and Oils

Julie Dillon

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(212) Immunity concerns–Veggies, Herbs, and Oils

Have you heard that we need to eat more veggies, herbs, and stock up on Essential Oils while surviving this pandemic? Don’t believe the Wellness Diet hype. The number one thing you can do right now–social distance, wash your hands, and NOT diet.

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Mary wrote in: What is triggering me right now and threatening to cause me to grab hold of the “wellness” diet again (which led to orthorexia for me) are the emails, newsletter, posts, about how important it is to eat healthfully right now. For instance, up the “super greens” like kale and chard and lettuces and fruits and veggies. This is a catch 22. On the one had we are being told to eat fresh fruits and veggies and greens and on the other hand we are told to avoid people, to self-isolate. I can’t keep my greens longer than a few days nor do I have a garden or live in an area that has fruits and vegetables available at outside markets all year long, so the only way to get the is to do what they say not to do: go to grocery stores. I know I can just unsubscribe and not read, but there is a tiny part of me that is saying, “but what if they are right” and the HAES and intuitive eating people are wrong? Again, another part of my disordered eating thinking.
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