(217) The tug of war with diabetes and ED recovery with Lauren Newman

Julie Dillon

(217) The tug of war with diabetes and ED recovery with Lauren Newman

How do you continue to move toward Food Peace while diagnosed with a medical condition??? Are you one of the many torn with making peace with food while hearing LOUD recommendations to restrict certain foods or pursue weight loss? We want help. Listen to latest Love Food Podcast episode featuring dietitian Lauren Newman.

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This episode’s Dear Food letter:

Deer food,

It feels like we’re stuck in a power struggle, and there’s not much peace available in a power struggle.
I work really hard to pay attention to what I need, name it, and get it for my body. It took a long time to get here, with a restrictive eating disorder, PCOS and diabetes diagnosis and treatments (including Food Peace!), and an infinifat body (US32+). I’m proud of what I’ve learned to do for myself.
But you’re always whispering about the sort of lessons I got when I was diagnosed with diabetes, and then when I was pregnant. You whisper threats of death from medical staff and family alike. You whisper about carb counting. You whisper threats of losing my kidneys because I probably need insulin instead of expensive non-insulin drugs that affect my appetite (and apparently not my blood sugar).
You whisper that there’s no way to get enough calories for your body if you restrict carbs. You whisper that there’s no way to eat that would make each of my physical health issues better. You whisper so much about carb counting as the only way to live with you. It gets echoed everywhere.
 I keep thinking if the power struggle could stop – for real – it would be such a relief. We could be together without one of us pulling on the other. We could have fun, we could forget what others might say about us.

I know I can’t quit you. I need you. How can I get you to stop repeating the threats that people say? Is it really possible for us to work together? 
Right now, even with all the knowledge I have, it still feels like I have to choose between ways to be sick.

Show Notes:

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