My eating disorder is back again. Will I ever recover without messing up? {guest Sumner Brooks}

My eating disorder is back again. Will I ever recover without messing up? {guest Sumner Brooks}

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Are you someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, but are suddenly experiencing symptoms again? Do you feel like you’re falling down a slippery slope, and recovery is slipping out of your grasp? Are you needing some new tools to pursue a peaceful relationship with food? Listen now for some new ways to experiment with the recovery process.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Recovery is NEVER linear! It’s messy and complicated, and super personal.
  • This experience is so common the experiencing symptoms even after recovery is the rule, more than the exception.
  • Self-compassion is key for dealing with relapse.
  • Sumner Brooks joins to chat about recovery some more!
  • Disappointment and shame can make us feel so stuck in eating disorder behaviors and relapse.
  • It’s so important to NORMALIZE this struggle! You are not alone, and there are a number of reasons we can experience a return of behaviors.
  • Try to react with compassion when you notice the shame and disappointment bubbling up. Recovery will come much quicker with self-compassion!
  • If you’re trying to examine the return of a behavior, think about whether or not there are physiological needs not being met (such as hunger), or if there are emotional needs triggering these behaviors meant to soothe and cope.
  • Be aware if medications (such as birth control, SSRIs) or other environmental changes are potentially impacting your mood and contributing to the return of these behaviors!
  • Nothing about recovery or relapse is black or white… figuring out where to go next is a journey!!
  • What are your needs?? Are they being met?? Explore this!
  • Be CURIOUS about this experience! It’s an important part of finding what you need to change.
  • Even the slip ups are a part of moving forward. Acknowledge that you may feel like you’ve screwed it all up, but believe that it isn’t true!
  • Spiral UP rather than out!!

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