My mom put me on my first diet.

My mom put me on my first diet.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with food? Are your food issues related to your fear of gaining weight? Have you been struggling for some time, going back and forth between recovery and eating disorder behaviors due to the fear around what food peace truly means? Does food insecurity impact your relationship with food? Listen now for some tips on how to overcome these challenges.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Meret Boxler, host of the Life. Unrestricted podcast, shares her letter about her food peace journey and struggles!
  • None of this is your fault!!
  • Sometimes our family dynamics produce a situation in which the children have to become their own parents to survive. This can impact our relationship with food very deeply.
  • Ellyn Satter’s food hierarchy of needs versus the Maslow hierarchy of needs: our foundational needs must be met in order to build towards needs higher up the pyramid. If we’re struggling with our foundational needs, we won’t be motivated to reach for our more nuanced needs.
    • For example, food security is the foundation of the food hierarchy of needs. If someone wants to work towards wellness, food security must be established first!
    • Some examples of food insecurity: poverty, growing up with caregivers who were always on diets or policing food etc. These environments prevent a foundational sense of food security from forming.
  • Wellness is NOT the most important thing in our relationship with food… it’s food security. Permission around foods (especially fun foods!) can be part of the big picture of healing from a past of food insecurity.
  • Feeling our feelings is very important in this food peace process!!
  • If we work at it, our needs around permission and food security will eventually be met. Be patient! You are worth this work!!
  • Food peace is your birthright.
  • Weight stigma is at the core of a lot of our food peace struggles. It is OPPRESSIVE! We need to stop the discrimination based on weight, rather than push people to change their bodies.
  • We need to end weight-based bullying!!
  • The media tells us which body sizes are acceptable. Representation of ALL kinds of bodies is so important.
  • Weight-based stigma in the eating disorder community is a big problem! You can’t tell by a person’s appearance if they’re struggling with an eating disorder.
  • Weight is NOT indicative of health! All bodies of all sizes and abilities can strive for health-promoting behaviors, including body acceptance and intuitive eating.
  • Self-compassion is key!!

Show Notes:

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