I binge eat {with Kari Anderson}.

I binge eat {with Kari Anderson}.

Have you been struggling with bingeing? Do you feel alone, and find yourself eating in secret, feeling ashamed? Listen now for some insight into this difficult food peace challenge.

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Episode’s Key Points:

  • Binge eating disorder is the MOST common eating disorder experience! One third of people who seek out weight loss treatment are actually struggling with binge eating disorder.
  • Pursuing weight loss actually makes bingeing WORSE!
  • Healing your relationship with food is messy, but it’s a beautiful mess, and it’s worth it.
  • What exactly does “overweight” even mean?? I say over what!
  • Weight gain around puberty is COMPLETELY normal! But unfortunately we often shame girls for this.
  • When the world tells us small bodies are valued and larger bodies are unacceptable, it lays the groundwork for the binge eating experience.
  • Getting help can be the first step to peeling away the shame associated with bingeing.
  • What’s the difference between a “healing” relationship with food vs a “healthy” one? A healing relationship with food helps us walk away from the perfectionism and the black and white thinking around food.
  • Kari Anderson from Green Mountain at Fox Run joins to talk more about binge eating!
  • Sometimes we use food to try to calm our anxiety… and that’s okay! You don’t need to feel ashamed about it. Be compassionate to yourself instead!
  • Trusting yourself around food again is a huge step towards healing your relationship with food. Food can have a sense of freedom, rather than fear.
  • It is SO important to validate the role and the function of food in our lives… look at it as a coping mechanism that DID serve you, until it didn’t anymore. We may even have to grieve our previous relationship with food in order to move onto the next version.
  • We live in a world where we demonize our food choices constantly!! Our culture doesn’t help when someone is trying to heal their relationship with food.
  • We have to jump off the diet train!! The restrictive mindset CREATES the weight “problem.”
  • We should never limit the choices in our lives because of our weight!
  • You have a choice in your eating behaviors.
  • If funds are preventing you from getting the help you need to find recovery, there are scholarships you can apply for!

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